are lawsuits starting to change the yoga industry?

are lawsuits starting to change the yoga industry?

by March 5, 2013

A report from February 20, 2013 states that yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin, wife of Alec Baldwin, is being sued by one of her students who claims he was injured in her class. Spencer Wolff is the name of the student who fell when he was in Handstand Pose and broke a window in the New York City Yoga Vida yoga center.

The fall caused a cut in Wolff’s leg, which his lawyer stated might cause a permanent disability because he is having difficulty with movement.

In the lawsuit, Wolff says Baldwin was negligent because there were too many people in the class. However, a witness explained that Baldwin had instructed Wolff to perform the pose differently.

This case brings up an interesting topic and could potentially encourage the practice of students suing their teachers if they receive an injury from the class. Teachers and studios have insurance to protect them from this kind of thing, but suing is not currently popular in the field.

Also, there is the chance of injury with any type of exercise, so do you think a student should be able to sue the teacher for an injury? How could it change the industry? Maybe it all depends on whether it is an injury caused by exercise or is really from the negligence of a teacher.

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