keep up with yoga while you’re out of town

keep up with yoga while you’re out of town

by January 29, 2013 reported on January 14, 2013 that an increasing number of hotels and other travel businesses are offering yoga to travelers. Many hotels now offer videos, equipment and classes to their guests, and you can even find yoga in some airports, including San Francisco International Airport and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, as you wait for your next flight.

This is not a new service for every hotel – for example, the Metropolitan by COMO in London has offered yoga since 1997 – but the trend seems to be spreading in the United States along with a national interest in yoga and healthy living. The NYTimes article highlights many hotels around the nation with popular yoga programs and services.

These services help travelers keep up healthy routines while they’re away from home, and they help people relax during stressful travel. If you want to practice yoga the next time you’re away and your hotel doesn’t offer programs or they charge a fee for these services, you can add yoga to your travels on your own. Simply practice moves you have learned in classes or on your own, or practice along with a Smartphone yoga app, a website on your computer or an eBook like Asanas: 608 Yoga Postures. There are many travel accessories you can bring with you that don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage. You can buy specialty yoga mats that fold up or use yoga gloves instead. Plus, a yoga strap will easily fit in your luggage. Make your next trip less stressful and keep up your healthy routines by bringing yoga with you.

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