mountain pose (tadasana)

by December 15, 2011

Probably one of the most known and used pose in and out of yoga is tadasana or mountain pose. Simply put, it is standing up straight. Funny thing is this seems to be such an easy task, however it can be quite difficult to maintain on a regular basis.  A lot of times during the day we are standing, but most of time we are leaning to one side and/or hunched over.

To actually stand up straight and evenly balanced in the legs takes a ongoing conscious effort. When I started to make a conscious effort in my standing practice I realized took a lot more effort than I thought. As the days turned into weeks and months, I found it easier to maintain and old habits such as slouching and leaning became uncomfortable. An interesting flip of events…

Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Come to a standing position and take the soles of the feet together or at a comfortable distance apart. Ground down through the balls of the feet. Maybe lift the toes for a second to reset the footing and then return them to the ground.

Keep the legs strong and straight while remembering to evenly balance your weight over them. Hips should be squared and even. Lift the chest and take the naval to the spine.  Ease the tailbone down towards the ground and take the crown of the head (top) up towards the sky. Neck is straight and take the focus point straight ahead. Hands fall to the sides with the palms facing outwards.

Don’t forget to breathe! Long inhales and exhales through the nose.


Standing up straight and tall with the head held high has obvious physical and mental benefits. Practice this pose in your daily life and you will begin to see the immediate benefits compounded over time.