A tested review about Omharmonics… Unfortunately I Just didn’t feel it.

A tested review about Omharmonics… Unfortunately I Just didn’t feel it.

Omharmonics promises to “revolutionize” the process of meditation, thereby making its benefits accessible to everyone. Omharmonics claims to use “proprietary technologies” that can instantly lift the listener’s brain to the alpha level, the level aimed toward during meditation practice. Although the site never clearly explains these technologies, it alleges they are not available anywhere else.

Many centuries ago, Indian civilization recognized the power of sound and ultimately created the poetic language of Sanskrit. The language actually triggers energetic pathways in the body, thereby creating states of relaxation, deep meditation, and joyful bliss. All universal sounds are contained in the word “Om,” and some Yogis assert that if one pronounces the syllable perfectly, s/he immediately experiences a blissful union with Universal Consciousness.

Omharmonics proposes that its superior technological advances enabled the product’s creators to record that sound and by simply listening to it on a CD, the participant’s mental state transforms to a near instant “monk-like” state of mind. Having practiced meditation since 1988, how I wish this were so! Unfortunately, I have many doubts.

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I listened to the free CD on the omharmonics website, hoping to enter into a deep meditative state of quiet and relaxed contemplation—this was not my experience, however. I listened to the music for the full 15 minutes, not noticing much difference than when I ordinarily meditate, other than finding the music pleasant to focus upon. The music slightly resembled a chakra balancing CD developed by Caroline Myss a few years ago—I used Myss’ CD while teaching Yoga classes.


Afterwards, I meditated without the music for another 15 minutes, and I cannot honestly claim that I felt any difference. Moreover, believe me, I was quite open to the experience and hoped that it fulfilled its promise!

The website’s advertisements claim many superfluous effects of the sound technology. For example, one paragraph claims that one will “[b]ecome a superstar at work. Manifest creative ideas like an artistic prodigy. And enjoy deeper relationships and a thrilling sex life”. Meditation never promises such benefits, and personally, I cannot think of any process, practice, or music that fulfills these fantastical expectations.

If the website’s claims were less extravagant, it would have increased its chances of convincing me that the CD would be pleasant as background music during meditation. Furthermore, if the entire package of CDs cost much less than $129, I may have purchased them to play while teaching Yoga classes. However, the outrageous claims definitely defeated their purpose.

While many new products or contemporary methods may claim to enhance or deepen the meditative experience, the daily practice of attempting to attain one-pointed concentration has benefits in and of itself, such as developing the ability to train the mind, as well as creating a path in which one can experience moments of absolute silence and divine bliss. The so-called ‘pudding’ is in the process of the struggle, and not only in the achievement of its goal.

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