Quantum Jumping Review with Burt Goldman

Quantum Jumping Review with Burt Goldman

Burt Goldman “The American Monk”

I truly believe that I discovered Burt Goldman’s website by divine mystical intervention—termed “synchronicity” by Dr. Carl G. Jung. Synchronicity refers to those events the universe presents to us that are not only coincidental, but also uncanny. An example of such an incidence occurred the day I moved to South Carolina from New Jersey.

In the month prior to the move, I had completed the third level of a healing art practice termed “Integrated Energy Therapy.” The healing energy generated by the practitioner during a session originates from his or her three Guardian Angels—hence, the three levels. When we arrived at our new home, never having visited it before moving to it, we chanced upon a wooden plaque of three angels in our shed. A neighbor later confirmed that his father had constructed it, and then painted it before presenting it to the woman who lived at our home at that time.

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When such uncanny coincidences occur, experience has proven that it’s always best to accept them as gifts or opportunities offered by the Universe—Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping is certainly one such pleasant opportunity. When I came across Burt’s website through my professional work, I instantly knew that what Goldman had compiled held great meaning for those of us spiritual travelers trudging along the road of earthly life day after day.

After reviewing the site and the CD collection for about 15 minutes, I ordered Goldman’s program of Quantum Jumping and waited impatiently for its arrival. I intuitively sensed that his program was extraordinary. After listening to the first two of eight CDs, I am certain that I spent the money ($135) wisely.

Called The American Monk

  • Burt Goldman’s nickname is the ‘American Monk.’ For decades, he studied closely with Paramahansa Yogananda at the Yogi’s Self-realization Fellowship community in California. Swami Yogananda authored the wildly popular book, Autobiography of a Yogi (1946), which became a major impetus in spreading Yoga throughout the western world. Yogananda’s Autobiography is a classical canon of world spirituality and applies to nearly all spiritual theologies. If you’re convinced that you have never had a spiritual or religious experience, please read Autobiography!

Quantum Jumping Product Bundle

In the first CD, Goldman shares knowledge about a secret method of spiritual practice that he learned from a monk in 1951—at the time, the monk made Goldman vow that he would not share the method with anyone until 2001, 50 years later. Now, the ‘American Monk’ is teaching the method online through his CDs! The first technique is so simple—yet so incredibly powerful—that  you can do it wherever you are—in the shower, during Yoga class, sitting at your computer, mountain climbing, traveling around the world, etc., etc., etc. It a simple practice that became habitual to me by the end of the second CD.

Please don’t be dissuaded by the title of Goldman’s method—Quantum Jumping, or as he calls it on his CDs, PDQ: Parallel Dimension Quest. This process is entirely rational and practical, and not at all quasi-mystical or philosophically abstract. He derives his methods from spiritual teachers such as Shakti Gawain, Dr. Carl Jung, Louise Hay, and his 30+ years of monastic training with Yogananda and other monks. And he then supports its scientific foundations with quantum physics. (Also, remember, Yoga is one of the earliest methods of science.)

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Goldman exudes humility, trust, safety, and old-time charm—he is, moreover, 82-years-old! He explains how his method helped to potentiate his ability to sing, paint, write and become a photographer at 80-years-old, whose art hangs in museums throughout the U.S. and Europe. Goldman jokes, however, that his program didn’t succeed in making him a dancer! He explains that the seed for potential must be present in the individual in order for his method to activate it—but, hey, none of us possesses every talent! Four of five creative skills are pretty good odds though!

What Does The Program Come With?

  • The Quantum Jumping program includes spiritual teachings and mental practices from Yoga, feng shui, psychology, and quantum physics. I’ve studied the first three methods for about 25 years, yet I had never heard anyone use feng shui as a thinking process, which Burt manages to do with eloquence and simplicity. In consideration of the various types of spiritual and creative tools and techniques of which the Quantum Jumping program consists, I wholeheartedly recommend Goldman’s CD collection to any seasoned sojourner, as well as the novice who’s just discovered there are many lifestyles outside of the mainstream. This collection can galvanize opportunities and life-altering events for anyone willing to devote 10 minutes a day to redesigning their lives.
  • The techniques Goldman teaches are tried and tested by generations of swamis, monks, yogis, Buddhists, psychologists, spiritual aspirants, artists, creativity teachers, and now, by quantum physicists and theoretical physicists. Goldman actually discusses the teacher and author, Stephen Hawking, along with Michio Kaku of the CUNY Physics Department on his CDs. And, please be assured that I have absolutely nothing to gain by raving about this product—I knew it was special as soon as I came across it because I have studied Yoga and psychology personally and academically for over thirty years, and feng shui personally for about ten years. On the other hand, what you have to gain is a clearly outlined process of how to nurture the seeds of potential hidden within yourself to a point of realistically creating mind-blowing opportunities and changes throughout not only your own life, but also in the lives of those around you.

If you are even mildly unsatisfied, Burt Goldman offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days after your purchase. Additionally, maybe you’re not currently in a position to fork out $135—not a problem. Just check out Burt Goldman’s website, for hours of reading information free to all visitors before you make any purchasing decisions.  In addition, I want to mention that while Burt’s program is not concerned explicitly or implicitly with making you instantly wealthy or famous, if you practice these methods with true spiritual awareness and authentic concern for the wellbeing of yourself and all others, the results may be unlimited! Alternatively, these are spiritual tools; therefore, if you are looking for a get-rich scheme or the perfect relationship without personal change, I wouldn’t suggest this program to you. You must share in the miracle-creating opportunities possible through these psychological and spiritual practices.

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