ratricharya – measures to induce good sleep and an ideal sex regimen

ratricharya – measures to induce good sleep and an ideal sex regimen

by May 13, 2013

Ratricharya is an inevitable part of every individual’s routine and assumes equal importance as much as the dinacharya in maintaining good health. Ratricharya and dinacharya are interdependent on each other. Smooth functioning of one is necessary for the smooth functioning of the other. Continuing from my previous post I elaborate on measures to induce good sleep and an ideal sex regimen.

Measures to induce good sleep

  • A warm shower before sleep.
  • Consuming soup of domestic animals, marshy and aquatic animals.
  • Shali variety of rice along with milk (they form satvika type of diet).
  • Any good music that is pleasing to the mind along with good atmosphere.
  • ‘Padabyanga’ or oil massage to the foot is very effective in inducing sleep.
  • Mild manipulative massage to the whole body.
  • Anointment of some medicated pastes to the body.
  • Calmness and tranquillity of the mind which can be brought on by a short meditation and a positive frame of mind.

However, some the above measures are considered to be temporary. If the problem still persists then more intense measure have to planned in consultation with the physician.

Sex:  the do’s and don’ts

Human sexual activity has sociological, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and biological aspects, including physiological processes such as the reproductive mechanism and personal bonding and shared emotions during sexual activity. Sex and the part it plays in human life cannot be ignored. The deeper purpose of the sex function in human beings, is procreation, the reproduction of species.

Any activity however important has to have a proper method of execution and a set of rules and regulations to abide by. Sexual activity is no exception to this.

When to have sexual intercourse?

It is to be remembered that sexual intercourse for the purpose of pleasure is always under voluntary control and the atmosphere an individual creates for him/herself stimulates such an act. One should never venture into such an act without sexual urge. It is often seen that indulgence without an urge leads to poor performance and thereby adversely affects the self confidence.

Seasonally during winter nights are preferred, during summer days are chosen and during the spring both day and night. However, general sexual urge should determine the act. It is better to avoid during the evenings or mid day and during festivities.

Frequency of sex

During the winter season one can have sex at a greater frequency compared to other seasons may be at a rate of once per day. This is because during winter an individual is endowed with good strength. The frequency is best individualized with due regard to body type, strength and diet of the individual as it is an act that involves a lot of energy expenditure. During other seasons it can be done once in three days. However during summer frequency should be as low as once in fifteen days because during this season one has least of the strength.

Watch out for more details in my next post.

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