The Silva Intuition System is the Missing Piece to the Puzzle

The Silva Intuition System is the Missing Piece to the Puzzle

Awaken Your Intuition

I’ve been into yoga and meditation for years, and through my practice I’ve seen some important changes occur in my life: I deal with stress better, I’m physically stronger and more flexible, and I definitely have more patience.

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OK moving on…

Even so, for the longest time I kept feeling like something was missing–something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I had trouble making decisions because I was constantly second-guessing myself (“paralysis by analysis” one friend called it), and I just didn’t have much of a vision about my life’s purpose or where I should focus my energies. It was frustrating, to say the least.

Then, while attending a meditation retreat, another attendee suggested I try out the Silva Intuition System. I’d never heard of the Silva Method before, and when I first started doing research on the program I was skeptical. All the talk about “channeling” and “projecting” made me feel like it might be just another new-agey hoax. (In another words, another battle with analysis paralysis was setting in!) But when I looked past the “scary” words, I started to see that the program is really very practical.

Silva Intuition System Official Website

The Silva Intuition System is based on documented brain science.

Silva Intuition System Official Website

It recognizes how much more open and relaxed our brains are during the alpha- and theta-wave stages of sleep, and Silva teaches you how to access those receptive brain states even while you’re awake. It’s really about learning a new, extremely efficient way to meditate!

The Silva Method also works with an important premise about intuition. Most people think that intuition is something you either have or don’t have, period. But Silva believes that strong intuition can be honed and cultivated by anyone through the process of centering activities, guided meditations, visualizations, and theta-level exercises featured in their program.

Another thing that helped put me more at ease was reading testimonials about the program from diverse, respected people like Robert Stiller, President and CEO of Green Mountain Coffee, Richard Bach, the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and even Bucky Dent (ok, I admit I’m a New York Yankees fan).

All of this sounded great, but I’m always wary of shelling out money for something I’ve never tried. Fortunately, Silva offers a free download of their “starter kit” which includes a Silva System Starter’s Guide and a 25-minute audio guided meditation (mp3). All I had to provide was my first name and an email address—no credit card, phone number, or any kind of commitment. Click Here For The FREE “Starter Kit”

My “test drive” of Silva was an eye-opener. It had elements of some of the meditation techniques I’ve been practicing for years, combined with awareness exercises that Silva describes as being more “active” than most forms of meditation. It was easy to follow, and I felt completely engaged from the first time I tried it. I’ve never felt 25 minutes pass by so quickly!

Feeling confident and eager to go deeper, I took the plunge. The 10-module program for just $247. (They sent me a set of CDs and I have full online access.) The lectures and exercises are easy to understand and practice, and each new module builds on the learning in the previous one, so I can go at my own pace. I even downloaded some of the modules to my iPod, so I can practice wherever I go.

Any skepticism I had about the program disappeared quickly. Within a week I was already comfortable with the introductory exercises and looked forward to my practice time. After a few months, I noticed that I’m able to keep my “analysis paralysis” problem in check; I think more clearly about issues that arise at work, with my family, and with friends, and I’m more confident tackling problems that would have scared me away in the past. And most important, I keep acquiring new skills.

Silva promised noticeable improvement in the areas of career, relationships, creativity, finances, and defining my life’s purpose, and so far they’re delivering. (They even offer a money-back guarantee!)

I still do yoga and meditation, and I feel like Silva has made those practices more effective as well. The Silva Intuition System was definitely the missing piece of the puzzle for me.

Silva Intuition System Official Website