tired of that hanes tank top?

tired of that hanes tank top?

by January 5, 2012

Let’s get something straight, yoga in the US is a female dominated industry. Therefore it only makes sense that the clothing is mostly geared towards them. When I decided to make yoga a regular part of my life I ran into an interesting problem. When it came to clothes that allowed me the room for movement, they were few to be found; especially in the shirts and tops.

Even my favorite over priced yoga clothing store Lululemon seems to have a shortage in this area. I’ll write another post about my love for you Lulu, dont worry 😉

So I ended up going the Hanes route, which most guys in the practice I know do as well. This was ok for a while, but gets boring quick. With Hanes, Fruit of the Loom or any regular undershirt you are pretty much limited to three colors. Black…White…Grey… Oh the possibilities!

Now I am not saying you have to look good and stylish in yoga, but if you are already into style; why not? Clothes are just another way to make some people feel good.

After searching a number of stores I found myself limited to about two at my local mall. Pacific Sunwear and Billabong were the choices, and the prices were well in the $30 mark on a low end. I bought one and made some use of it, so not a total loss. Still, $30 for a tank top is kind of steep.

With no local options left I flocked to online. I am usually hesitant to buy clothes online, but out of sheer desperation I gave in.

Enter KarmaLoop… I found this site while doing a normal search in google and what a find it was. Not only do they have a number of tank tops for men, the fabric quality was far superior to the likes of pac sun and billibong. I ordered 6 tank tops and most to the tune of $19-23!

One of the best parts of Karmaloop is that they do short runs of smaller designers. Which means once they run out, that’s it…giving some of their clothes a few-of-a-kind status. Nice!

I received 2 of the 6 I ordered already (pictured above), check them out!