valentine’s day gift ideas for your dosha

valentine’s day gift ideas for your dosha

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. A holiday that celebrates love in all its forms, February 14th is a great opportunity to express your love to your partner, or finally make a move on your crush. The problem is finding a unique and fun way to say, “Be mine.” If you, like so many others, are searching for a special way to express your adoration, the key could be his or her Dosha. You see, Ayurvedic healing isn’t just about dietary choices. The principles can be applied to all areas of our lives, including L-O-V-E.

Not only are the following Dosha-inspired gift ideas delicious, thoughtful, and generous, but they prove just how much you pay attention to your beloved. For many people who practice yoga, knowing someone’s Dosha is just as important as knowing how they take their coffee. Plus, once you have this vital information, choosing a gift that will complement their life (and make their heart go pitter-patter) is easy.

Vata Dosha

On a good day, vatas are creative, smart, and full of energy. They’re best balanced by foods that are warm and soothing, such as butter, cream, and stews, and they often suffer from dry skin and brittle nails, especially in the colder winter months.

If you’re wooing a vata, you can’t go wrong with a manicure—the forced relaxation is especially good for a Dosha that’s always on the go. If your beloved is too manly for a fresh coat of polish, a warm pair of organic wool socks will be much appreciated, not to mention a good excuse to kick back and relax. After exchanging gifts, head out to an Italian restaurant and order a creamy pasta dish and a bottle of wine. Later, you can keep each other warm!

 Pitta Dosha

Pittas have a sharp wit, great focus, and a short temper. Their fiery nature can be exciting, as anyone who has been in a relationship with a Pitta knows! To keep this passionate Dosha balanced, sweet and cooling treats will do the trick.

A great gift for a Pitta is a massage, preferably with cool oils such as coconut or olive. Pittas can always benefit from a relaxing afternoon, so a great way to spend Valentine’s Day is by hiking in a beautiful location, and celebrating your accomplishment with a romantic picnic for two. Pack a delicious snack of pita chips and guacamole, made with plenty of avocado and cilantro, and a bottle of sparkling wine for a truly memorable afternoon.

Kapha Dosha

If you love a kapha, you already know they tend to be calm, thoughtful, and loving. You’re still searching for Valentine’s Day ideas, but they probably found the perfect gift weeks ago. Kaphas are also loyal, patient, and stubborn, sensitive to the cold, and favor warm, bright colors.

Because kaphas enjoy routine and tradition, begin your date with a classic bouquet of bright flowers, such as yellow tulips. Instead of going out for dinner, beat the crowds and make your kapha more comfortable with a delicious brunch—they’re most balanced when their largest meal is served mid-day. Later, you can surprise your sweetie with something exciting and stimulating, such as sky diving or partner yoga.

We hope this post has given you a few romantic ideas to honor your beloved’s Dosha. Here’s to the best and most balanced Valentine’s Day ever!




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